Brand Revitalization

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CSI Leaders,

You'll see a new logo and tagline on CSI's materials after Jan. 1, and you'll be able to begin using them in your chapter. It's the next step in CSI's Brand Revitalization Project.

CSI's Board approved the logo and tagline this past fall. The selection was the culmination of months of work by the CSI Brand Revitalization Task Team (BRTT). The team's goal is to ensure the story we tell as an organization reflects the "CSI experience" our members and customers actually have when they interact with CSI. The logo and tagline are an important component of the project because they're the label we put on the experience we are creating. 

CSI leaders are critical to revitalizing CSI's brand . They create the CSI experience for thousands of members and potential members. The events they hold, newsletters they send, and presentations they deliver give CSI's logo and tagline meaning. 

We want to make sure that all CSI leaders understand the brand revitalization project and have the resources to communicate our brand. We are grateful to all the CSI leaders who educated themselves on the project during the CSI Convention, by visiting, by reading the CSI Monthly Leader newsletter, by discussing the project with CSI colleagues, and by attending presentations by CSI Board members and national staff.

Our brand story is centered on CSI's mission, and three key messaging points that flow from it:

Mission:  To advance building information management and education of project teams to improve facility performance. 

Messaging Points:
  • As an organization we are evolving to meet the needs of a changing building design and construction industry.
  • We connect all members of the building team to the information they need to effectively communicate and improve project delivery.
  • We're the only community where you can network and collaborate with building experts across the design, building materials and construction disciplines.
Survey Results
More than 250 CSI leaders from more than 100 CSI chapters and all 10 CSI regions participated in a survey last month that identified ways the mission and messaging points are communicated through the use of CSI's logo and tagline.  The feedback confirmed many issues identified by the BRTT earlier this year, and named additional ways CSI can support implementation at the chapter and region level. A summary of the survey results appears in italics below.

Many CSI leaders are still not aware of the project, its next steps or desired outcomes. 52% of respondents had been introduced to the logo/tagline in the context of achieving CSI's mission.  35% of respondents had accessed material on the CSI Leaders area of CSINet.
  • CSI Board members and CSI staff will present sessions focused on the branding project to leaders at each region conference in 2013. Contact CSI's Leader Support Team at     to schedule a presentation.
  • will provide updated information on the implementation and the tools available to assist CSI leaders including a concise PowerPoint presentation for use at chapter events.
  • The CSI Monthly Leader and CSI Weekly will include articles about the project.
  • On January 16, the BRTT will offer CSI leaders a webinar that explains the project ( Register now). The webinar will be recorded and posted to
  • Materials, including copies of the logo and a written guide, will be posted at for leaders in January.
Some CSI leaders are strongly opposed, and some are strongly supportive, of the update to the CSI logo and tagline.  The majority do not express strong feelings for either the current or new logo and tagline.
  • Most CSI members are more focused on what the organization is accomplishing and the value membership provides rather than a logo or tagline.                                    
  • The new logo is the fourth in CSI's history.
  • The new logo has key design components including:
    • The shield remains in CSI's traditional terra cotta because CSI members strongly value our history.
    • The blue communicates the organization's professional focus.
    • The italicized letters and white stripes (or "contrails") convey that CSI is moving forward.
    • The "S" is now the same size as the "C" and the "I," because specifications are only a part of what CSI does.
    • The tagline describes CSI's role in the construction community today.
Implementation of the new logo and tagline can be easily accomplished in a short time on chapter/region websites, brochures, education programs, and in digital communication. Most leaders thought they could do it in 3-6 months.  However, many physical items such as banners, hats, shirts, pins, and certificates will need a longer transition time as existing stock is depleted and money is budgeted for new items.
  • CSI national will begin using the new logo and tagline beginning January 2013. Chapters are encouraged to make the switch during 2013.
  • CSI microsite templates will switch to the new logo and tagline in January 2013.
  • In January, visit for:
    • Color and black/white versions of the logo in formats including EPS, JPEG, and GIF.
    • A written guide to using the logo and tagline.
    • RBG, Hexadecimal, and Pantone colors and font information.
  • Pins and medals will retain the existing shield shape.  Most existing pins and medals are based on the original CSI logo rather than the most current one, and this tie to CSI's history will be maintained.
  • CSI national plans to provide new podium banners to chapters at no cost by March 2013.  
  • CSI national will provide a new certificate/award template online and make paper stock available to chapters at no cost by March 2013.  Chapters will remain free to use their own certificate/award stock design.
  • The legal name of the organization is not changing and no bylaws updates are required.
The brand implementation is a process rather than a discrete single event.  Please communicate with CSI Board members, the BRTT members, or national staff to ensure your questions get answered, and your suggestions for improvement are heard.

With your help, the CSI Board looks forward to creating a positive and realistic expectation for what individuals will experience when they interact with CSI, and positioning the organization for future growth.

Thanks for your ongoing efforts on behalf of CSI.

Ron Geren, CSI, CCS, CCCA, BRTT Chair            

Walt Marlowe, PE, CSI, Executive Director/CEO

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